The Bay of Fires Trail has copped a fair bit of rain and there is one slippery section around the 6-8km so we have put some bunting up that will divert riders up on to Sunflats Road for about a km. So make sure you look out for the red and white bunting.

The Bay of Fires Trail is not for the faint hearted and you will need to allow at least 4.5hrs to complete the entire trail! It is 42km with some climbing so an e-bike is recommended. It also passes through some beautiful, but isolated areas that may not have mobile reception so it is always a good idea to have a buddy with you or if riding alone, let someone know what time you are expected to be back.


There are mobile black spots on the trails so it’s always a good idea to let someone know where you are headed and what time you will be back.


If you do decide to tackle the Bay of Fires Trail, please make sure you are prepared by carrying with you:

  • Water – there is no drinking water available on this trail
  • Snacks – in case you need an energy burst or the ride takes longer than you expected
  • A puncture repair kit
  • A first aid kit

Remember, you can never be too prepared!


You will also notice along the Bay of Fires Trail orange posts marked with emergency stickers. It is important riders pay attention to these posts and numbers as they will help emergency services find you and get to you in case of an emergency.


The best way to access the Bay of Fires trail is through one of the shuttle services operating out of St Helens or Derby. They will take you to the trailhead on the Blue Tier and collect you from Swimcart Beach and then return you back to your base.


If you want to tackle the Bay of Fires but are unsure if you would make the 42km, you can also ride half the trail as there is a hallway access point on Ansons Bay Road. This means you could ride the top or the bottom half and get a feel for the trail. It is recommended that you allow 2.5hrs to ride half the trail.



Just a five-minute drive up the hill from St Helens you will find the St Helens Mountains Bike Trails purpose built trailhead, just look out for the signage.


The trailhead offers plenty of parking, including disabled, designated shuttle drop-off and collection points, a bike hygiene station, toilets and even a café.