Before you head out on a ride on the St Helens MTB Network, make sure you download our Emergency Management Portal.

By following the below link you can access detailed trail maps that contain:

  • Emergency Marker Locations
  • Mobile Coverage
  • Potential Trail Hazards

If you are a Trail Stakeholder, including a member of Emergency Services or a shuttle operator, you can also “REQUEST AN ACCOUNT”. This will provide additional information including:

  • Emergency Access Routes
  • Emergency Egress information
  • Report an issue function, as well as
  • Registration to receive email updates on Trail Closures

Use this link to access the maps and/or request a Stakeholder level account.


There are only five things you need to remember to stay safe on the trails:

  1. Stay in Control and on the track: You are responsible for avoiding people and obstacles on the trail as well as your speed. It’s important to stay on the trail at all times so as not to cause any environmental damage.
  2. Wear the right gear: Helmets are compulsory while using the St Helens Mountain Bike Network and a full face helmet is recommended for the descents. There is other protective gear available as well.
  3. Are you prepared and does someone know where you are? It is always a good idea to carry water and a snack? If riding alone, it is always a good idea to let someone know where you are headed and what time you will be back.
  4. When you come off: Take note of the orange marker poles as you ride– they are marked with numbers representing the distance from the trail start and will be essential in locating you in an emergency and if you do come off – call 000
  5. In a natural Emergency: In the case of an emergency in the area – for example fire, your mobile phone will be pinged by emergency services so check your messages.


A clean bike is not only good for your bike, it’s great for the environment! By simply ensuring you show up at the trails with a clean bike and washing down after each ride, you can do your bit to help stop the spread of weeds and disease.

Bike Washdowns and Hygiene Stations – what’s the difference?

In the St Helens area and on the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails, you will find two different bike wash facilities. One is simply a Bike Washdown station that allows you to rinse off any mud that has made its way on to your bike during your ride. The second is a Bike Hygiene station which has been purpose built to stop the spread of root rot. This facility is something unique to our area and an environmental benchmark for mountain biking.

Check out our video here.


The Hygiene Stations dose the water you use to rinse off your bike with a special antifungal solution which kills Phytophthora cinnamomi (PC), commonly known as root rot. You can find more information about PC here.

This disease is spread through topsoil and can cause devastating effects to the environment killing off native plants and ruining an entire habitat.

As our trails are built in some of the most amazing locations in the world, we want to do all we can to protect the environment and the Bike Hygiene station is a very important piece in our sustainability puzzle.

So we ask all riders enjoying our trails to please do the right thing and KEEP IT CLEAN, make sure your bike is clean before you come and if you have ridden the Bay of fires trail and then come to flagstaff, make sure you use the hygiene station.