The Dragon Trail is coming to town

We are counting down the days until our first event, The Dragon Trail and its 300 odd competitors rolls into Snellins’, as you can tell we are just a tad pumped about this!

We have been in regular contact with the organiser’s Louise and Craig, and holy barracuda batman, they have pulled out all the stops to craft an epic event – from the bright red yerts and glamping bell tents that will be packed up and moved from Branxholm to Weldborough to St Helens to the inflatable dragon that will be taking up residence at the Flagstaff Trailhead on Saturday 20 March.

The event will start on Thursday 18 March in Derby where competitors will ride from Derby to Weldborough. The second day will see riders bike to the Blue Tier where they will then take the Bay of Fires trail to Swimcart beach. Day three will be on the St Helens Network with riders tackling Garn-up and the Dreaming Pools via Humpback, Pearler, Rock Lobster and Wedged-in.

So as a rider of the St Helens trails what do you need to know about the event I hear you ask? Well there will be some closures for the event which are summarised below:

  • Bay of Fires Trail – from midnight Thursday 18 to 2pm Friday 19 March
  • The Entire St Helens Network (ALL TRAILS) from 8:30am to 3:30pm Saturday 20 March
  • Townlink Trail will be closed from 8:30am to 5:30pm Saturday 20 March
  • The Flagstaff Road and the Trailhead carpark as well as Loila Tier will be closed to the general public – 8:30am to 3:30pm Saturday 20 March