Bay of Fires Trail to OPEN – with some changes

The Bay of Fires Trail is NOW OPEN… but there are some changes.


We have been doing some trail work on the Blue Tier and have realigned the start of the Blue Tier Trail, and it’s looking amazing! Just wait to you see our amazing new trailhead which has all been made and constructed locally!


There will be a few changes that riders will now need to be aware of, particularly those that have already ridden the Bay of Fires or the Blue Tier Descent.


Now, whether you ride the Blue Tier or Bay of Fires trails, you will start at the same trailhead on the Blue Tier, it’s pretty big so you won’t miss it and it is located where the Bay of Fires Trailhead was.


The new trailhead is pretty impressive and was designed and built locally.


All riders will then follow this trail for approx. 2km before you hit a junction.  From here you can  either head west on the Blue Tier Trail or east, on the Bay of Fires Trail. We have this decision point signed so there should be no confusion!


The big bonus to the realignment is that ALL riders now get to enjoy the beautiful vista from the Bluer Tier over the coast regardless of which trail they decide to tackle.


The old start to the Blue Tier trail will be converted back to a walking trail only and we hope riders will respect his change.


Another new addition to the Blue Tier Trail will be that we, in partnership with Blue Derby, will be installing Emergency Markers on the Blue Tier Trail.


Just like the other Emergency markers in the St Helens Network, markers advise riders of how many kms they have to go as well as provide riders with an Emergency Marker number that can be reported to Emergency services by a rider if they get in to trouble.


All riders have to do is call 000 and report the letters and numbers indicated. For example on the Blue Tier this would be BT and the number indicated on the marker, for Bay of Fires it is BF and the number indicated. It’s pretty self-explanatory but if you want any further info, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.