The St Helens Mountain Bike Trails are some of the most scenic trails in the world – where else in the world can you ride Mountains to the Sea, ending your ride in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Bay of Fires.


The St Helens Mountain Bike Trails are located in two unique locations; You will find a series of stacked loops just south of the St Helens Township as well as an epic 42km wilderness trail that starts sat the top of the Blue Tier and winds and wends all the way to Swimcart beach found in the internationally acclaimed Bay of Fires. That makes plenty of quality built trail for you and your family to enjoy!


Whether you like to shred some serious downhill, enjoy some cross country flow or just want a fun day on the trails with the family, the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails have an experience for everyone. Not only that, but St Helens is the largest town on Tasmania’s east coast and as such offers plenty for you to see and do while you are taking a break from the trails.


Whether you like to shred some serious downhill, enjoy some cross country flow or just want a fun day on the trails with the family, the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails have an experience for everyone.



An adventure trail like no other! Starting high up on the Blue Tier in sub-alpine terrain you are instantly treated to endless vistas of the surrounding mountain ranges and stunning coastline. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the trail as you contour and climb through monolith granite boulders and suddenly catch glimpses of the world-renowned Bay of Fires. The final descent darts across endless ridgelines before delivering you to the pure white sands of Swimcart beach.



There are 8 loops at Flagstaff ranging from beginner (green) to intermediate (blue) trails as well as the Townlink, a multi-user, dual directional trail that connects the township of St Helens to the Trailhead at Flagstaff and two blue descents. Each trail has been signposted and as the trails are stacked loops, each sigbn indicates what trails connect to the trail you are on.

If you are a skilled rider and looking for something challenging with loads of shred the descents from the top of Loila Tier are the trails you’re looking for!


St Helens Mountain Bike Trails


St Helens and surrounds is all about the great outdoors so join us for an adventure! We have plenty of beaches, walks, waterfalls, on-water activities, fishing, surfing, kayaking… we could go on and on! Frankly, there is just heaps to see, do and enjoy in the area and plenty of information around but we would recommend you start by checking out some of the information on this page or visiting the local Visitor Information Centre, located at 61 Cecilia Street, St Helens !


St Helens Mountain Bike Trails


Your bike we mean!

A clean bike is not only good for your bike, it’s also great for the environment! By simply ensuring you show up at the trails with a clean bike and washing down after each ride, you can do your bit to help the spread of weeds and disease.

Keep everything tidy, especially your riding. Make sure you are well prepared and are staying safe.



St Helens is the largest township located on the east Coast of Tasmania.

Launceston to St Helens – 2hrs via St Marys (National Hwy and Esk Hwy)

Hobart to St Helens – 3.5hrs via the Great Eastern Drive or 3.25hr via the National Hwy

Blue Derby to St Helens – 1hr via Weldborough


“St Helens is one of the most outstanding regions in Australia. Encompassing an amazing stretch of coastline, bright white beaches, sand dunes, rustic red rocks, spectacular ranges with monolith boulders, fern valleys and breathtaking scenery. With the goal of combining all these attributes, our trail builders are currently shaping up a bunch of unique styles and vistas throughout this wildly changing terrain. Our teams have been focusing on shuttle points, town linkages, trailheads, creative airflow and wilderness trails, all within a short ride to cafes, restaurants, hotels, accommodation and services of the famous Northern Tasmanian fishing village. Perhaps best of all, the coastal St Helens network’s close proximity to with award-winning Blue Derby network will galvanise these 2 iconic locations in North East Tasmania as one of the premium ride destinations in the world.”

Glen Jacobs, Director @ World Trail